Festival Director, Ong Keng Sen, is the heart and mind of The O.P.E.N. team. He conceptualises and connects The O.P.E.N. to the larger vision and pulse of the Singapore International Festival of Arts. Never tires, always on the move and always in action.

Pint-sized Noorlinah Mohamed, works closely with Festival Director Ong Keng Sen, to programme The O.P.E.N. She manages the administration and production of The O.P.E.N. and heads the Ways of Wandering artistic team. Unwinds by cuddling her cats.

Sassy Tan Kheng Hua manages the marketing and communications of The O.P.E.N., and puts the final touches to all things beautiful and charming at the event. Loves a good cuppa coffee, and another...and another.

Young Benedict Leong is the meticulous executive. He supports the Ways of Wandering team and the blogsite. Never fails to surprise with his intuitive attention to detail. Eats to de-stress.

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