Dance Marathon: OPEN WITH A PUNK SPIRIT! Archive Box

- 29 August, 72-13, (8pm till late) 5 September, 72-13, (8pm till late) FREE ADMISSION


Padmini Chettur responds to Ikuyo Kuroda’s Archive Box 

Margie Medlin responds to Mikuni Yanaihara’s Archive Box

Preethi Athreya responds to Yukio Suzuki’s Archive Box

Mandeep Raikhy responds to Zan Yamashita’s Archive Box

29 August, 8pm till late




Venuri Perera responds to Natsuko Tezuka’s Archive Box

Rani Nair responds to Chie Ito’s Archive Box

Chey Chankethya responds to Tsuyoshi Shirai’s Archive Box

5 September, 8pm till late



The concept of the archive has fascinated live arts practitioners in the last decade. How can we hold onto the ephemeral acts of dance, performance and theatre? In New York, there has been active discussion about this issue since Merce Cunningham passed away and Trisha Brown retired. Similarly, in Europe, there have been conversations about Pina Bausch’s repertoire and legacy. More importantly, in contemporary dance, young dancers have returned to the inspirational sources of earlier dance-makers. 

What does this mean in Asia, where contemporary dance is often young and fledgling? How do notions of archive transform in the light of traditional and classical Asian dances which are heavily codified and passed down from generation to generation?

14 dance-makers, from primarily two vibrant dance scenes in Asia, have been invited to the Dance Marathon. Some come from Tokyo, where contemporary dance probably first developed in Asia in the 1980s. The Tokyo dance scene with its eccentric creativity, that is supported by The Saison Foundation, has become a focal point for Dance Marathon. Meanwhile, dancers trained in strict classical traditions have emerged in the Indian contemporary dance scene. These dance-makers, who have lit up the Gati Dance Forum and the Attakkalari Indian Biennale, create their works within the inherent tensions and divergent energies of the traditional and the contemporary.

The highlight of Dance Marathon – OPEN WITH A PUNK SPIRIT! is undoubtedly the Archive Box. Each of the seven Japanese dance-makers (the Archivists) have archived one seminal dance of theirs in a Box of influences and inspirations. These Boxes were recently introduced to another seven dance-makers (the Users), who have never met the Japanese artists before. The Users are each invited to create a response to a specific Archive Box. 

Together with dance dramaturgs Nanako Nakajima, Muto Daisuke, Margie Medlin and Festival Director Ong Keng Sen, all 14 dance-makers have embarked on this blind date of sorts. 

In the spirit of copyleft and creative commons, the Users’ responses and the Archive Boxes will be unveiled on two exciting evenings, 29 August and 5 September 2015.

With special thanks to Atsuko Hisano, Programme Director of The Saison Foundation.

29 August, 72-13, (8pm till late) 5 September, 72-13, (8pm till late) FREE ADMISSION