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by The Observatory (SG)

31 May 2024, Fri

1 June 2024, Sat
3PM & 8PM
SOTA Studio Theatre

REFUGE is a performance project that descends into the world of caves, one which combines sound, live music performance, moving image and light.

Embarking on a metaphysical sojourn into the subterranean, one examines the relationship between self and the natural environment, the interconnectedness of the human body and geological formations of the land in the face of profound constant change.

REFUGE subverts the conventional narrative of darkness as mere privation. Instead, embracing the descent into obscurity with hope, seeking to unearth concealed wisdom from living organisms, ancient cave art, and the histories and stories of the under-land. In hope of finding solace in the hallowed echoes of collective and personal memories, which shape the very contours of our existence.

In the midst of perpetual flux, where decay dances with rebirth, REFUGE embarks on a quest for an ephemeral refuge from the clamorous grasp of modern society, whispering solace and renewal to weary souls, inviting them to commune with the elemental realms of aesthetic transcendence.

Knowledge and self-discovery await those who confront shadows.

Featuring collaborators Duck Unit, Rully Shabara and Justin Shoulder.

With gratitude to our local guides in Ipoh, Malaysia, VENTREX.


Commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts.

Co-produced by Singapore International Festival of Arts and The Observatory.


"The Observatory invoke otherworldly beauty through a blend of electric gadgetry and classic instrumentation … gradually laying bare their emotional core while taking your breath away." - The Straits Times

*Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors.
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13 years and above
Advisory (Some Disturbing Content)
Deanna Dzulkifli | Producer
Duck Unit | Moving Image, Scenography and Lighting
Rully Shabara with xhabarabot | Sound and Performance (Live)
Justin Shoulder | Creature Creator and Performance (Moving Image)
rongzhao | Sound System Design and Engineering
ARTFACTORY | Production and Technical Manager
Zasha Zahri | Production Assistant
Additional footage for moving image & research trip documentation by Arabelle Zhuang and Isaiah Cheng
17 May 2024, Fri | 8PM

18 May 2024, Sat | 3PM & 8PM
24 May 2024, Fri | 8PM

25 May 2024, Sat | 8PM

26 May 2024, Sun | 3PM
23 & 24 May 2024, Thu & Fri | 8PM
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