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The Dancer's Fair



The Dancer's Fair

by Antigua i Barbuda (ES)

InstallationOutdoor Little SIFA
24 - 26 May 2024, Fri - Sun
4PM - 9PM
Cathay Green

Step into an enchanting, interactive world of art and play at The Dancer's Fair! At the heart of this enchanting experience stands a 5-metre-tall ballerina in the middle of Cathay Green. Join in the mystery and magic as she engages with the audience, eager to explore her new surroundings and learn the dance movements that the people of the city share with her.

The fair includes a bevy of old-school fairground attractions, including a whimsical "Ferris Wheel" specially designed for children, where special found objects like discarded seats and even toilet bowls take our young visitors on an entertaining ride alongside lively characters sharing music and stories. For those seeking a delightful adventure, "Little Carousel" beckons. Designed for children and adults, it creates a fantasy world where parents and children use their ingenuity to trigger the mechanisms that make the carousel move! You’ll also get to take a breather at the peaceful "Hammocks" corner, where you will be guided into a space of relaxation from the outside world.

This is just the beginning of the endless delights that await. The Dancer's Fair is a testament to the artistry of Antigua i Barbuda, renowned worldwide for their mesmerizing machines that have graced parks, squares, and festival hubs. Their interactive installations promise a wondrous experience for all.

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17 May 2024, Fri | 8PM

18 May 2024, Sat | 3PM & 8PM
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25 May 2024, Sat | 8PM

26 May 2024, Sun | 3PM
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26 May 2024, Sun | 4PM
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