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Headline Acts: Tomorrow’s News



Headline Acts: Tomorrow’s News

by Centre 42 (SG)

1 June 2024, Sat
Black Box, Stamford Arts Centre

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In line with the festival theme, which explores various futures – known, unknowable, imminent, and already-here – we are inviting playwrights to dream up their own headlines from the future, and write pieces in response to them!

Headline Acts: Tomorrow’s News is a fun and informal showcase of new short plays, open to writers of all experience levels wishing to respond to a given prompt. The public open call for playwrights to submit their play ideas and Headline titles ran from 20 February to 11 March 2024, and received 21 submissions!

sorin.scapes, Yu Xuan Tan and Siobhan Covey were selected from the Open Call, and will present their works alongside invited guest writer Nessa Anwar at a one-night only affair on 1 June 2024.

Here’s a preview of the Headlines they have imagined for this future:

Nessa Anwar: "Singapore enforces 'income-bracket curfew' for male citizens and foreign workers, in an unprecedented move to curb mounting civil unrest."

Siobhan Covey: “Woman Indicted for Conspiracy to Commit Conspiracy to Subvert Police Surveillance.”

Sorin.scapes: “Man found dead at heritage house; prime suspect is octopus.”

Yu Xuan Tan: “Posters uncovered in a university bathroom hint at an undocumented revolution.”

Hosted by Irsyad Dawood whose debut play Kids, Gifts, COEs & Roast Duck was the rib-hurting, sleeper hit of the 2023 edition, Headline Acts: Tomorrow’s News promises to be a raucous end to Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

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