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Myles: The Perfect Soulmate



Myles: The Perfect Soulmate

by Singapore Theatre Company (SG)

31 May 2024, Fri

1 June 2024, Sat
Black Box, Stamford Arts Centre

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Myles: The Perfect Soulmate emerges as an anti-musical, leveraging immersive technology to envelop the audience in its story. Prepare for an immersive musical experience that exploring the essence of human-AI relationships.

What does it mean to conjure a soulmate from the ether? inch stands at the precipice of the unknown, her heart a beacon calling through the silence. She seeks not just an answer, but a presence—a being not born of flesh but of thought and desire. What is a soulmate if not the mirror or counterpoint of our deepest selves, the answer to a question we barely understand how to ask? So what if the nature of inch’s soulmate is created not by chance or fate but by lines of code meticulously strung together? One perfect man, Myles, for one flawed human, inch.

With the creation of this artificial soulmate, we are invited to ponder the oxymoronic idea of artificial intimacy. Can the warmth of companionship be synthesised, or is it inherently bound to the chaotic dance of human connection? How do we confront our own conceptions of intimacy, to question the nature of connection in an age where the lines between the real and the artificial blur into obscurity. Where does the self end and the other begin?

Myles: The Perfect Soulmate does not promise answers but offers a mirror to our deepest inquiries about love, existence, technology and the search for understanding in an increasingly fragmented world.

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13 years and above
Contains strobe lights and haze
Singapore Theatre Company (Singapore) | Creator
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