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Singapore, Michigan



Singapore, Michigan

by Pangdemonium (SG)

19 May 2024, Sun
Black Box, Stamford Arts Centre

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A group of three best friends decide to take a road trip to the ghost town of Singapore, Michigan, USA. What will they find there? Who will they find there? And what, exactly, does this place mean to this group comprising two Singaporeans and one American? It’s their final semester of university, and they are ridden with fears about where they’ll be and what they really stand for.

As the trip goes awry, they are forced to confront the ravages of the past, deal with the collective present, and look anxiously toward a future that, like the town, is ultimately amorphous and unknowable.

Equal parts moving, funny, and startlingly familiar, this dazzling new play by Chong An Ong investigates pressing questions on geography, identity, and belonging through the lens of one group of friends nearing the end of their time in college: tracking their knotty triumphs, affecting complexity, and surprising joys.

Singapore, Michigan is written by Chong An Ong, directed by Pangdemonium’s Associate Director Timothy Koh, and originally developed under Pangdemonium’s New Works Lab.

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1h 30m

13 years and above
Advisory (Some Coarse Language)
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