Amelia Foong


Amelia is an arts enthusiast interested in women’s issues, exploring topics such as footbinding, the practice of sati, and the matrilineal society of the Mosuo in her writing. Her recent project, Numbered Verses, delves into themes of love, religion, and the healing power inherent in writing. Her short stories have been published by MPH Bookstores. As a Malaysian Chinese conversant in Malay but not in Mandarin; a Southeast Asian who has been based in Sydney, Oxford, and now Singapore; and a spiritual seeker who has donned both Christian and agnostic identities, she is curious about the manifold identities we adopt over the course of our lives and their impact on inter-racial and inter-faith dynamics. Professionally, she has been a cinema ticket-seller, a distributor of children's cartoons, and a product marketer in the beauty industry. A devotee of theatre performances (especially immersive, fourth-wall breaking concepts), one of her bucket-list items is to traverse this island-city and visit every branch of the National Library Board.




Responses to SIFA programmes blossoming above the mycelial network of the festival.

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