Darius Tan


After a rather long hiatus, Darius is back to his first love; the Theatre!

A prolific and seasoned bilingual actor and singer, he has done more than 80 productions on stage and screen.

His extensive acting credits include musicals: Beauty World, Fried Rice Paradise, La Cage Aux Folles (all runs), Ah Boys To Men, the inaugural Forbidden City, Monkey Goes West, Cinderel-Lah!, Jack & The Beansprout, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, Maha Moggallana, Shanghai Blues, Liao Zhai Rocks!, The Soldier & The Virtuous Wife, Chang & Eng and Aida.

Selected Plays: 12 Angry Men, Framed by Adolf, Tartuffe, Army Daze, Big Fool Lee, Beautiful Thing, The Odd Couple

TV: Little Women (TVN/South Korea), Le Prawn Park, Us Daily, Love By Numbers, Homeland, Babies On Board

Voiceover: Downstairs (S01-03) (Multiple Award recipients for Animation)

Film: The Last Offering, One Last Dance, Number 1 (Golden Horse Awards 2020 winner for Best Make Up & Costume)

Recent credits include the film Number 2 (slated for release in 2024)

Darius is also a director, host and writer. He is represented by FLY Entertainment.




A tale of love, acceptance and family dynamics set against the backdrop of ancestral worship.

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