Han Xuemei


Han Xuemei is a theatre practitioner based in Singapore. She believes in socially engaged practice, and imagines the arts as an integral ingredient for beauty and hope in society. Her artistic practice involves designing spaces and conditions for people to exercise their right to be creative, disrupt routines and deconstruct paradigms.

Her recent explorations FLOWERS (2019), The Gift (2018) and MISSING: The City of Lost Things (2018) are multi-disciplinary experiences that engage the audience in deeply visceral and personal ways.

She joined Drama Box in 2013, and was nominated by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay to participate in the 2019 ADAM (Asia Discovers Asia Meeting) Artist Lab. In 2021, she was given the Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council.


work in progress

Work In Progress

An artistic exploration and response to questions surrounding the role of work in our society.

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