Irsyad Dawood


Irsyad Dawood, a theatrical dream, From acting to puppetry, his talents gleam. Potong, Rattle King, Pandancemic too, His credits aplenty, making all hearts woo. Does This Work For You?, a Fringe delight, Kids' Gifts, COEs, and Roast Duck take flight. A part of NAYA, a collective so cool, Bringing art to children, breaking every rule.

As an actor, director, and writer, with grace, A generalist of theatre, he claims his space. From designing sets to teaching with zest, His skills and passion are truly the best. But amidst the applause, his work's embrace, He dedicates to a love, a special place. To his mother and late father, sincere and true, Each creation a tribute, their love shining through.


headline acts: tomorrow’s news

Headline Acts: Tomorrow’s News

A fun reading series featuring writers of all levels crafting short dramatic pieces in response to imagined headlines.

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