Kuo Jian Hong


Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice (Practice), theatre director, designer, and filmmaker, Kuo Jian Hong has always taken on multi-faceted roles. She has led more than 200 theatre projects, in a career spanning three decades.

Transcending themes, genres and forms, Jian Hong’s vision encompasses Practice’s broad spectrum of works. She is a leading proponent of the Chinese Language Original Musical Theatre genre, with award-winning works like Lao Jiu: The Musical while her experimental ventures include I came at last to the seas for Esplanade’s "Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts".

As an advocate for Theatre For Young Audiences, her works include the beloved The wee Question Mark series and The Nursery Rhymes Project. She also spearheaded Practice’s groundbreaking exploration in Digital Theatre, notably through XIMI and The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets.

Under her direction, Practice continues to be a vital voice in the Singapore arts scene.


performing the director’s notes: all the world’s a sea

Performing The Director’s Notes: All The World’s A Sea

Performing The Director’s Notes: All The World’s A Sea is the unfolding of a decades-long dialogue between two generations of theatre practitioners.

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