Lee Bee Bee


Lee Bee Bee is a Singaporean lighting designer, production manager and technical director. Bee Bee has been in the theatre industry for over two decades. She first started out as an architectural lighting designer before a stint as an Assistant Professor of Lighting Design at Missouri State University.

Bee Bee joined The Theatre Practice (Practice) in 2007, where she took on various design and production roles. She is currently the Technical Director of The Theatre Practice (Practice), where she oversees the technical aspects of all Practice productions and runs Practice Space.

A multi-disciplinary artmaker, Bee Bee also explores other art forms including dance, film photography and illustration in her free time.


performing the director’s notes: all the world’s a sea

Performing The Director’s Notes: All The World’s A Sea

Performing The Director’s Notes: All The World’s A Sea is the unfolding of a decades-long dialogue between two generations of theatre practitioners.

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