Natalie Soh


Natalie Soh is a multifaceted film editor who recently embarked on a new artistic journey with the directorial debut of ‘the light gleams an instant’. Their diverse portfolio encompasses everything from acclaimed feature films to DIY video experiments, delving into themes that range from whimsical to profound. Natalie's exceptional talent has been recognised with awards such as Best Editing at the 2017 Asian Film Awards for Boo Junfeng’s Apprentice (2016) and Best Editing at the 2017 Apollo Awards for HBO’s Halfworlds 2 (2016). In addition to filmmaking pursuits, Natalie finds solace and inspiration in the company of their two beloved companions: Godot, a ridiculous black dog, and Miro, a cherished violin.


'the light gleams an instant,'

'the light gleams an instant,'

Art, music, and nature converge in an experimental short film exploring the human condition, meaning-making and memory.

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