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An award-winning Singapore Mandarin theatre company, Nine Years Theatre (NYT) is dedicated to the creation of high-quality performances. NYT sees Chinese culture as the foundation of its work but not the centre of its practice. It believes in the uniqueness of local Chinese culture and aspires to recognise and celebrate the multicultural identity of the Singaporean Chinese through theatre.

NYT tells stories through live performances that remind us of our humanity. Since its inception, NYT has been invested in the training of actors, in order to create work that is consistent in quality. NYT strives to entertain audiences in ways that are honest and thoughtful. Its work is recognised for being accessible and culturally layered, possessing deep sensibilities that speak to audiences from all backgrounds. Fluid in scale and genre, NYT creates performances ranging from original plays and transcreations, to interdisciplinary and international collaborations. 

In recognition of its contributions to the promotion, enrichment and development of Singaporean Chinese culture, NYT was awarded the Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award (Organisation) presented by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in 2024. 




「九年」的作品诉说着关于人性的故事。从一开始,「九年」就投入于演员训练,以保持作品的质量,同时追求以诚恳且有深度的方式来娱乐观众。「九年」通过有共鸣性,蕴含文化层次,并具细腻感知度的作品,来接触各种背景的群众。不限规模和类别,「九年」的演出包括原创作品、译创、跨媒介和跨国际合作。在2024 年,「九年」荣获由新加坡华族文化中心颁发的新加坡华族文化贡献奖(团体奖)。此奖肯定了「九年」为新加坡华族文化之传承、推动、提升和发展做出的贡献。 


waiting for audience

Waiting For Audience

Two eccentric characters negotiate with a theatre owner for a final performance, in a play inspired by existential theatre classics.

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