Safuan Johari

Image Credit: A Syadiq

Safuan Johari is an artist who works primarily as a composer, music producer and sound designer. Music-making is usually a world building exercise and the resulting microcosms often meander through traditional, experimental and popular topographies of Nusantara (Maritime Southeast Asia) culture; all through the eyes of a Malay minority Singaporean. Started out as a prominent figure in Singapore’s underground music scene, he has expanded his practice into composing for theatre, dance, films and multimedia installations.

Over the years, his fascination for imagining a speculative future built upon the spectres of cultural past grew deeper. His practice tends to study the complex cycles of and complicated relationships between mythology, history and futurity. New perspectives are constantly formed, which provided the motivation for Safuan to explore his works beyond music and sound. The recent years have seen him taking directorial and curatorial roles for commissioned works by The Esplanade and National Gallery Singapore. This expansion in breadth also sees him experimenting with generative audio-visual digital media.

Individually and as a collaborator, Safuan has performed, exhibited or presented works at Palais de Tokyo Paris, tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, Festival/Tokyo, Perth Festival, Worldwide Festival Sète, Singapore International Festival of Arts and Singapore Fringe Festival.


suara / oro rua


Journey through time, movement and sound in a post-Anthropocene future.

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