Sandra Tay


Sandra is an independent sound engineer and designer. Since leaving her IT job as a systems programmer, she has been providing technical and creative audio services for school shows, corporate events, local theatres and touring productions.

Often, she is involved in the full cycle of designing, planning, installing and operating the sound for shows. As a designer, her works merges digitalised effects with naturalistic foleys. Some of her design credits include: Four Horse Road (The Theatre Practice, 2020), Asylum (Intercultural Theatre Institute, 2022), The Crab Flower Club (Toy Factory, 2022), Changeling (Void Deck Games, 2023).


performing the director’s notes: all the world’s a sea

Performing The Director’s Notes: All The World’s A Sea

Performing The Director’s Notes: All The World’s A Sea is the unfolding of a decades-long dialogue between two generations of theatre practitioners.

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