Serene Chen


Serene Chen is an actress, host, voice artist and lecturer. In the late nineties, she spent the first 3 years of her professional career as an Producer-Presenter in Singapore’s first arts radio station, Passion 99.5FM. Fast forward to 2023, she is an award-winning bilingual actress. For The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards, she won Best Supporting Actress in 2004 for “Landmarks: Asian Boys Volume 2” (Wild Rice), 2014’s “8 Women” (S’ing Theatre), and 2016’s “Public Enemy” (Wild Rice). Serene continues to act on stage and screen. In 2022, she was a co-host on the podcast series, "Backlogues", and she is delighted to be working with Centre 42 again for SIFA 2023.


the radicalisation of mrs mary lim-rodrigues

The Radicalisation of Mrs Mary Lim-Rodrigues

A tale of well-intentioned actions unravelling into irreversible consequences, prompting a call for revolution.

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