Susanne Kennedy

Image Credit: Bea Borgers

Susanne Kennedy (1977) is one of the most distinctive voices in European theatre. Her pieces are a radical invitation to act out the real. She explores the blurry line between actor and machine. In her theatre work, performers wear masks and speak with pre-recorded voices. Through perceptual shifts and the constant blurring of hypnotic images, Kennedy interrogates the stable representation of reality. She pushes the limits of theatre and turns to the medium’s archaic ritual roots in order to ask deep and at times confrontational questions: Who are we? What is our reason for existing in this world? How do we relate to our own demons? Kennedy studied theatre studies in Germany and France. In 2005, she completed a directing degree in Amsterdam. Together with visual artist Markus Selg, she designs spaces that resemble virtual corridors in videogames or colourful psychedelic hallucinations.


angela (a strange loop)

ANGELA (a strange loop)

A mind-bending multimedia exploration of identity and memory.

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