Dance Marathon Journal #1

Ng Yi-Sheng

August 19, 2015


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IKUYO KURODA started learning classical ballet at the age of six, and has studied contemporary dance at Laban Centre in London. In 2002, she established an all-female dance company, BATIK, which has since presented works in major festivals in Japan, including “Chain and Allow”, “Ray Of Light, Shards Of Mirror”, “Flowers Flow, Time Congeals”, “SHOKU” and “pendant eve”. Kuroda and BATIK have performed abroad on several occasions, including at the London Dance Umbrella Festival and the Venice Biennale. Other than creations for her own company, Kuroda has choreographed for Noism05 and the Helsinki Dance Company. She participated in Josef Nadj’s “ASOBU” as a dancer. In 2014, BATIK presented Meeting-Melting at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.


Title of the archived dance:


What was the concept of your Archive Box?

For the premiere of the original work, I had assigned multiple roles to each of the five fingers on my hand. Through the Archive Box, I attempted to convey what thoughts, desires and experiences were connected to these roles given to the fingers, and how, from there, I departed and returned, then departed and returned again, in order to embrace hope. I organised these paths of my creation process into the box’s multiple layers; a box user could apply their respective potentialities to transform my process into their own journey and adventure to embrace hope. I strived to realise a form with as many pathways and details as possible, so that the users could navigate in and out of the layers as if they were using a ladder lottery.  Although the work had come from my own personal experiences, I hoped that my prayer in the work would reach as far as possible. In order to represent my journey as it was, I unreservedly included in my box everything from personal things to materials that reflected current world affairs and societal views. 

Archive Box of Ikuyo Kuroda

Archive Box of Ikuyo Kuroda

By whom and in what way would you like your Box to be used?

Someone who wants to put things into some kind of ‘practice’. 

Was there anything you were not able to realise in the project? Where there any unexpected outcomes?

I had to scale down the size of the hand-crafted structure. Yukio Suzuki made an incredibly beautiful dance out of my Archive Box. 

What would you like to leave for the future by creating this Archive Box?

I hope that the Archive Box does not inhibit the user’s wildness. Though this may sound self-centred, I hope the passion I put into the archive will inspire even more wildness in the users. 

With thanks to The Saison Foundation for permitting SIFA to reproduce this interview with Ikuyo Kuroda.



Image courtesy of Bozzo

21, 22 AUGUST


2h, no intermission


Dancers: Mamiko Oe, Kumiko Yajima

Costume Designer: Korosuke, ka na ta

Lighting Designer: Satie Morishima

Sound Designer: Kyoko Yamada

MAMIKO OE was born in Tokyo. She started her ballet training at age six at Unique Ballet Theatre. She enrolled in Dean College in the USA for modern dance training in 2000. After graduating, she joined the dance company Kim Itoh + the Glorious Future in 2003, before joining BATIK in 2005.

KUMIKO YAJIMA was born in Japan. She started her ballet training at age seven at Shirohato Ballet Studio. She enrolled in Hoger Instituut voor Dans in Belgium for dance training in 1999. After graduating, she joined the dance company BATIK in 2005.

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