Early Bird Discount Ending on Sunday!

Ng Yi-Sheng

May 9, 2015


So the early bird discount has always bugged me, because I'm a last-minute, procrastinatory kind of guy (especially when it comes to blowing loads of money on a large number of shows at once), but also because I'm not even sure if I'll get an offer of comps to review said shows.

I also happen to remember certain years in the 2000s before SISTIC allowed people to order tickets through their website, when I actually would line up at Raffles City and order my tickets and then get so many that I'd end up forgetting what I was watching and discovering only at the end of the festival that I had tickets left over.

I know we're supposed to take art seriously and all, but I *like* having the option to view art on a whim.

Ah well, there's always the free shows for that.


Well, I've bought some of my tickets - because of my peculiar situation, I've left a few still unbooked. But don't forget: there's still a whole bunch of discounts you can take advantage of by buying in bulk or whipping out specific privilege cards.

Or of course you can consider paying full price as a donation to the arts institutions of Singapore. I'm sure nobody will mind. :)

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