Everyone's a Critic: Discover the World of Kathakali

Ng Yi-Sheng

August 29, 2015

Yeah, I usually just do this for actual staged productions. But so many people turned up for this 5:30am demonstration of a traditional Indian art form - aunties in saris, theatre students in topknots, dudebros in backward-facing caps, expat wives in jogging shoes, ah peks in kurtas - that I thought, golly gee, what the hell's going on in their heads?

These shots were taken inside Fabulous Baker Boy while folks were queueing up for their free breakfasts, or directly outside when we were full.


Intricate details!

What an eye opener!


Absolute Artistic

Fascinating! [eyes]

Wish I was that fit too.

Insightful, delightful and a privilege to have the best of the best to educate and perform for us! Glad to be part of it!

Very beautiful to go behind the scenes of kathakali + learn about the different preparatory aspects of it. Thank you!

We had mad fun! It was really informative! ROAR!

These girls are students from Bhaskar Arts Academy, by the way. They were the first ones here. The "roar" is a reference to the actor who was being made up as the demon Dussasana, who roared obligingly for his adoring fans.

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