Everyone's a Critic: Real Reality & Lay/ered

Ng Yi-Sheng

August 26, 2015

A lot of people really liked this doublebill!

(Btw, I'm trying out filters in some of these pics. Mostly transfer. Nice or not?)

A challenge?

An assault of the senses?

We live within struggle.

It was a very special performance that was raw and full of emotion.

The festival is amazing. Out of the box thinking & experimental vision. - Sunil Kothari

That guy's a dance and drama critic for The Times of India!

A lot of folks said they especially liked Lay/ered. (Probably cos I was dumb and didn't start getting opinions during the intermission right after Real Reality.)

Lay/ered was raw and edgy! I really liked it!

Body percussion to the next higher level!!! [quaver] [treble clef]



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