Everyone's a Critic: Winterreise

Ng Yi-Sheng

September 7, 2015

Remember how I said I was stupid about music? This is how stupid I am about music: I couldn't stay awake during this show.

I was tired, OK? And I was trying to read the subtitles which didn't match up with William Kentridge's hodgepodge of leftover clippings from his workshop. And now my boyfriend's pissed at me because he's realised he's wedded to a cultural illiterate.

Luckily, I bought my own ticket to this, so I don't owe anyone a review. And the crowd loved it:





(This couple was Israeli. I told them they could write in Hebrew. They said it means pretty much the same thing in English, but I'd like some confirmation.)

A heartfelt, emotional journey

Winter has come to Singapore

(You think you are in Game of Thrones is it?)

I am speechless!

I am so honored!

[Drawing of a man singing, a piano, and an emotional downward spiral]

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