Festival Opening!

Ng Yi-Sheng

August 13, 2015

I figure I ought to do a post on the official gala evening that preceded the performance of Returning. But I came a little late and missed whatever Ong Keng Sen and Lawrence Wong might have had to say.

I'll just share some pics from the SIFA Instagram page, for your viewing pleasure:

I also missed most of the pre-show Chindonya (チンドン屋) performance by Chindon Tsushinsya (ちんどん屋通信社), sponsored by the Japan Creative Centre and the Japanese Embassy. (I do, however, take credit for teaching Noorlinah Mohamed how to pronounce "Tsushinsya".) 


Not completely sure why they were there. Maybe because you can't be really Pan-Asian without including the Japanese? And Singapore would have been that much cooler if we still had an integrated Japanese population, as we did before the 1940s.

Couldn't stay for the buffet, either, 'cos my mum wanted to go home. Family ties.

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