Future Site-Specific Works?

Ng Yi-Sheng

September 30, 2015

I'm just brainstorming a little about venues for future site-specific events in SIFA. After all, following the success of shows at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Bukit Brown Cemetery, Keng Sen did say he wants to do more of such work in the future.

I do think we can do a reprise of Open Homes, devising new work with other families in other locations. Perhaps go beyond landed properties and condos, this time. Go into some actual HDB estates, maybe.

As for bits of forgotten and disappearing Singapore... what about the old abandoned bungalows of Arab tycoons in Telok Blangah?


Or maybe Haw Par Villa, which inhabits our childhoods and has an MRT station attached to it, but is still kind of godforsaken?


Would we dare to venture into the extremely haunted Old Changi Hospital around Hungry Ghost Month?


Unfortunately, these places aren't really contested sites, the way TPRS and Bukit Brown were/are. So there's less drama, less tension surrounding them.

There is tension about the Ying Fo Kuan Hakka Cemetery in Holland Village, which might soon be demolished. But unfortunately, there's already been an Arts Fest show performed there.


So what sites are interestingly contested in Singapore...

I've got it! The Aljunied Town Council Building!


Seriously, though, I would like to see something weird and unexpectedly site-specific performed next year or the year after. Hell, maybe I should write a piece myself.

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