Goodbye SIFA 2017... the midnight farewell at Lizard On The Wall, The Film

September 18, 2017

Marking the end of SIFA 2017 under Founding Festival Director Ong Keng Sen, the Red Carpet Gala: Lizard On The Wall event was bound to feel slightly surreal. 

The evening started out on a triumphant note. A palpable buzz and excitement was in the air, and the crowd had already started filling up the Projector an hour before the opening. 

You could barely make your way to the ticketing desk, and around you, a wave of faces - familiar ones from the arts scenes, the beaming faces of cast and crew, and bubbly audiences - gathered to experience this moment: the unveiling of a highly-anticipated film that pioneered a new participatory mode of film making, and the end of a era of change that will surely be remembered in Singapore's art history.  

JeannieHoPhoto20170909 ClosingPartyLOTW 1209

For many, it was certainly a night to remember. Naturally, the cast and crew of Lizard On The Wall were jubilant. Director K. Rajagopal was a glowing presence, along his team of actresses and actors, who looked gorgeous that evening.  

JeannieHoPhoto20170909 ClosingPartyLOTW 1269

JeannieHoPhoto20170909 ClosingPartyLOTW 1278

The event demanded two hosts for the evening, actress Janice Koh and Liz Lazan, because the theatres were completely packed and the crowd needed to be housed in two separate theatres.

JeannieHoPhoto20170909 ClosingPartyLOTW 1381

Keng Sen gave a particularly long and impassioned speech about the need for the arts to be accessible and not be viewed as "elitist" in Singapore. 

JeannieHoPhoto20170909 ClosingPartyLOTW 1420

K. Rajapgopal, novelist Balli Kaur Jaswal, and cast then took to the stage to offer their thanks. 

JeannieHoPhoto20170909 ClosingPartyLOTW 1472

Here's more photos from the after-party: 

JeannieHoPhoto20170910 ClosingPartyLOTW 1634

JeannieHoPhoto20170910 ClosingPartyLOTW 1655

And if you feel nostalgic for the four years, this video neatly wraps up SIFA's legacy and achievements:

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