If you're not friends with Ong Keng Sen, you're missing out.

Ng Yi-Sheng

April 13, 2016

Naturally, not everyone's going to be able to be his BFF. But if you do follow his Facebook page, you do get some lovely little snippets from his mind.


For instance, on 7 April, he wrote:

what's it with the fur (sifa.sg)? remember Joseph Beuys who perpetuated his own mythology of survival through being wrapped up in felt and fat during a plane crash. so our version is fur, being wrapped up in fur is not just GLAMOROUS but it is a protective layer against the paranoia thats being perpetuated about terror, migration, financial crises and the arab world. i want to be optimistic about our world and not retreat in fear.

Living in singapore where fear is a political tool used to paralyze us into inertia, i want to learn to be unfearful. Join us at SIFA 2016 as we relook at these issues through a different lens. Xinjiang, migration as a potential rather than a negative, humane compassion in greece and post arab spring are only some of the works this year! Fur is the only way to go in the tropics. forget the heat, its here to stay.

... As a conservationist, and as a person who bloody well believes in dressing comfortably, I don't think I can agree with the idea that we should embrace fur in a Southeast Asian heatwave.

But yeah, the issue of migration has been at our heels in Singapore this past week. Although it has later been revealed we often have more to fear from our own siblings than from outsiders.

So just remember, don't be afraid. Stay furry!

P.S. Check out this TV interview with him here!

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