Launch Reception for The O.P.E.N. at DECK!

Ng Yi-Sheng

June 17, 2015

Yes, "launch reception". Because "opening party" would've been too common, and (considering the title of this event) too punny.

I've got photos!

In case you don't know, DECK is a lovely little art space on 120 Prinsep Street, right next to LaSalle College of the Arts.

Of course, so much depends on the background crew of staff, interns and volunteers making sure everything runs properly. (These two were staffing the registration booth.)

Here's Ong Keng Sen playing Evita Perón on the balcony of the Casa Rosada!

OK, so he was actually giving an opening speech. Tried to record it so I could quote him, but the voice memo came out all muffled. Stuff about how this is a festival of ideas, the relevance of Post-Empires in a post-Lee Kuan Yew Singapore, yadda yadda.

And here's his adoring crowd of descamisados:

And why yes, that is Shane Mardjuki, Zaliha Hamid and Kumar from Kumar's Living Together. Quite a few cast members from OPEN and SIFA shows were present.

The buffet was oddly Korean. Except for the nachos, of course. They also had blue cheese, Dutch goat cheese and cold japchae, which was a thoroughly confusing pairing.

Oh, and later on Keng Sen was taking glamour shots with the cast of The Incredible Adventures of Border Crossers and Cristian Duarte, creator of The Hot One Hundred Choreographers.


If you're curious about the exhibition in the background, I've written a separate post on it here.

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