Let's look at the Festival Guide! #5: DANCE MARATHON EDITION!

Ng Yi-Sheng

August 21, 2015

Dance Marathon - OPEN WITH A PUNK SPIRIT! starts tonight, with the following:

Meeting - Melting 
Ikuyo Kuroda
21-22 August, 8pm
SOTA Theatre

And I've gotta apologise: I can't make it. I'm going for some BS briefing at Dramabox cos I agreed to be part of the Li Xie's It Won't Be Long: The Lesson forum theatre piece. Grumpy as hell that I won't be there. But that doesn't mean I can't give my two cents about this festival-in-a-festival!

I am gonna be watching a bunch of pieces, mind you: those by folks I've met through the Flying Circus Project, and those I simply have time to catch given everything else that's going on. 

(Btw, it's seriously nuts how last night Keng Sen explained how he wanted a more relaxed festival where folks could watch every single thing during the seven-week stretch, and that ballooned into a monster program of 69 different shows.)

Wall Dancing 
Padmini Chettur

22 August, 8pm; 23 August, 3pm

I'm catching this on Sunday, and boy do I have trepidations. Although Chettur started with classical bharatanatyam, since then she's gone in for durational, experimental pieces which friends in Chennai have told me can be... difficult. And the show's three hours long with two intermissions.

Something more like an installation than a classic production. I suppose that means it's OK if I live-blog it?

Real Reality / Mikuni Yanihara
Lay/ered / Yukio Suzuki
25 August, 8pm
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I'm psyched for Yanihara's piece - I met her at FCP 2007 and watched Nibroll's No Direction at the Arts Fest 2008, and I loved it. Loud, splashy, Japanese youth culture in glorious sync. (A Japanese art snob at the event grumbled and told me how dated it was by then. She also berated me for wearing bermudas to the theatre, so I hate her.)

Of course, Real Reality is meditating on the horrors of new technology that reduce bodily movement, so it could be boring. And Lay/ered uses "Khoomei (throat or overtone singing) and heartbeats into sound and light and amplifying the vibration of the skull with bone conduction microphones", which actually sounds like a forum of 21st century torture.

So... also risky?

A Male Ant Has Straight Antennae
Mandeep Raikhy

26, 27 August, 8pm

OK, I wasn't gonna go for this originally. But then it got rated R16 (Some Mature Content), and now I've gotta gotta gotta see it.

Also, would you get a look at those cutie boys? Yes, I would like to them to help me "explore notions of masculinity", thank you very much.

Daikoushin (A Grand March) / Zan Yamashita
Some Experiments in a Decade and a Half / Natsuko Tezuka
28 August, 8pm
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

I'm gonna skip this. And if you read the descriptions, you'll see why. Both pieces are described in the vaguest of possible terms. "Garbage scattered around a real railroad track – light and heavy useless objects that have once been used lead to the stagnation of time and space." "Making myself the subject of this experiment, I see my body starting to react in ways I never expected."

Yes, I know from a lecture at The OPEN that Tezuka's doing something very interesting with her Folk Art Research Club. And I bet this will be worth watching, too!

It's just not really marketed that well when you have maybe 68 other shows to go to.

I'll talk about the following week's dance pieces another time!

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