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A Love Unknown (2020)

John Clang (Singapore)

Event has ended

  • In-venue: Oldham Theatre

    21 May Fri, 8pm
    29 May Sat, 2pm
  • $15

    • 1h 22m, no intermission

    • Rating: NC16 (Some Mature Content)

    • English, Korean with English subtitles

  • Important Information for attendees of the live performance

    Measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all patrons.

    This includes but not limited to wearing a mask at all times for both staff and patrons, hand sanitization before and after performance, temperature taking,TraceTogether check-in and observance of social distancing around the theatre.

    Failure to comply will result in refusal of entry into the venue. Please note that admission into the venue requires TraceTogether (TT). Do download the TT app on your mobile and set it up beforehand, or bring along your TT token for check-in at the venue. No other check-in modes will be accepted. We regret that patrons without TT at the entrances will be denied entry.

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A Love Unknown (2020)

John Clang (Singapore)

A woman in New York and her abandoned daughter in Singapore, both grappling with depression and existentialism, pursue a change in their lives in order to overcome thoughts of suicide. The woman is Min, an author with writer's block. She is haunted by an imaginary nemesis and unsettled by failed relationships with her father and ex-lover. In another corner of the Earth, Renée, is a daughter she has never met. Renée is working on a new art project to cope with the sudden end of her marriage. Over the course of four days, their nightmares, obsessions and illusions unravel an inter-connectedness between mother and child in a daily struggle to survive. Meanwhile, the invisible fabric of an alternate universe reveals a different fate for the both of them.

Screenings will feature a live introduction by the film's cinematographer, Lavender Chang

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JOHN CLANG (Writer / Director / Editor) is a Singaporean visual artist working with photography and film. Based in New York for almost two decades, his art practice often straddles dual realities of global cities, unfettered by confines of time and geography. Clang’s first exhibition, at age 20, was a duo-show at the controversial (and now defunct) Singapore art group 5th Passage Artists. He has also exhibited in The Substation, Singapore; Pékin Fine Arts, Beijing; Singapore Art Museum, Singapore; Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur; National Museum of Singapore, Singapore; LACE, Los Angeles; CCC Strozzina, Florence; Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York; 1x1 Art Gallery, Dubai and FOST Gallery, Singapore. His works have entered the permanent collection of Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore. In 2010, he became the first photographer to garner the Designer of the Year award at the President’s Design Award, one of the nation’s most prestigious design accolades in Singapore. In 2013, a showcase of over 90 works by Clang was exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore. In 2018, he made his first foray into film with Their Remaining Journey, which has its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam Bright Future Main Programme. He returns to IFF Rotterdam with his second feature, A Love Unknown.

Chong Gua Khee and Bernice Lee (Singapore)

Patric Chiha (France)

Wang Xiaozhen (Hong Kong, China)
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