SIFA 2020

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Ensemble intercontemporain

The Wind Quintet (France)

Event is cancelled

  • 31 May
    Sun, 12am
  • Chamber, Festival House
  • $25*

    *Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors.  

  • 1h 30m, with 20min intermission

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Ensemble intercontemporain

The Wind Quintet (France)

In a tribute to the natural world, Parisian group Ensemble intercontemporain make their Singapore debut in a mesmerising evening of 20th century music.

Parisian group Ensemble intercontemporain is hailed as one of the world’s leading contemporary music ensembles. Led by artistic director Matthias Pintscher, the group’s 31 soloists explore instrumental techniques and develop projects interweaving music, dance, theatre, film, video and visual art.

For their Singapore debut, the group’s wind quintet presents a passionate overview of 20th century music. Inspired by nature and her sounds, and reflecting her imagined spaces and peculiar discoveries, the wind quintet features music from decorated composers including Claude Debussy, Pierre Boulez, John Cage, Luciano Berio and more.

The programme segues from György Ligeti’s bucolic Bagatelles with refined harmonies full of melancholy in its reinterpretation of Hungarian folklore to Luciano Berio’s Ricorrenze which grows unpredictably from a musical “seed”, to Flamen by Ivan Fedele which explores the spatial dimension of sound and John Cage’s Music for Wind Instruments featuring varying combinations of the quintet’s instruments to create captivating yet radical musical landscapes.

Lush and virtuosic, Ensemble intercontemporain – The Wind Quintet will lead you into a fascinating period of experimentation from the turn of the century.



Claude DEBUSSY Syrinx
Pierre BOULEZ Domaines (for solo clarinet)
John CAGE Music for Wind Instruments
Luciano BERIO Sequenza VII
György LIGETI Six Bagatelles
Elliott CARTER Retracing II
Ivan FEDELE Flamen
Heinz HOLLIGER Studie über Mehrklänge (Study in Multiphonics)
Eliott CARTER Retracing
Edgard VARÈSE Density 21.5

Eric Lee, Migrant Worker Musicians, Otomo Yoshihide and The Observatory (Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand)

Paradox-Sal (France)

Tan Dun
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