SIFA 2021

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Ghosts of Yesteryear

Morse Percussion (Singapore)

Event has ended

  • SIFA On Demand:
    5 June - 20 June

  • $15 

    SIFA On Demand: All Access Bundle of 17: $60 

    • 1h, no intermission


      Late arrival or Re-entry may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance.

      No Photography, video recording or audio recording is permitted for this event

  • Important Information for attendees of the live performance

    Measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all patrons.

    This includes but not limited to wearing a mask at all times for both staff and patrons, hand sanitization before and after performance, temperature taking,TraceTogether check-in and observance of social distancing around the theatre.

    Failure to comply will result in refusal of entry into the venue. Please note that admission into the venue requires TraceTogether (TT). Do download the TT app on your mobile and set it up beforehand, or bring along your TT token for check-in at the venue. No other check-in modes will be accepted. We regret that patrons without TT at the entrances will be denied entry.

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Ghosts of Yesteryear

Morse Percussion (Singapore)

Life brings trials and painful challenges that can profoundly shape who we become. This introspective programme sets you on a journey of reflection, realisation and redemption. Featuring works by David T, Little and Philip Glass, Morse Percussion invites to reframe your perspective on humanity, suffering and the journey to recovery and restoration.  

David T. Little – Haunt of Last Nightfall (for percussion quartet and electronics) 

Act One: 
I. Curtain, El Mozote 
II. Between the Hammer and the Anvil 
III. Last Nightfall 
IV. Line Up / Face Down 
V. Coda: And there was evening...

Act Two: 
VI. ...and there was morning - the Second Day- 
VII. Smoldering Hymn 
VIII. Prayer (for No. 59) 
IX. Postlude: The Girl on La Cruz

Philip Glass - Aguas de Amazonia (for percussion quartet)

1. Madeira River 
2. Xingu River 
3. Japura River 
4. Amazon River

Planeswalker, Zul Mahmod & weish x Marc Gabriel Loh (Singapore)

Ding Yi Music Company 鼎艺团 (Singapore)

Red Dot Baroque featuring Joyce Lee Tung and John Lee (Singapore)
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