SIFA 2020

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In Conversation with Ousmane Sy

Event is cancelled

  • 23 May 2020
    Sat, 11am
  • Blue Room, Festival House
  • Free

  • 1h

    Patrons are advised to be seated 15 minutes before the programme begins.

    Unclaimed seats may be given to walk-in patrons.

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In Conversation with Ousmane Sy

Join us for this illuminating chat with French choreographer and house dance extraordinaire, Ousmane Sy.

Presenting Queen Blood at SIFA 2020, Sy’s artistic world is made up of step-overs, lunges between the dance floor and the stage, and his contemporary dance style of “Afro House Spirit”. With one foot in the club, and the other in dance battle, his eclectic influences include the rigour of the corps de ballet, African lineages of house rhythms, the freestyle spirit of hip hop, to the tactical steps of eleven-member sport teams, underlying his philosophy that identity must serve the group.

Find out more about the diverse influences and confluences that have inspired Sy’s work, in this intimate conversation with one of France’s most dynamic choreographers.

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