SIFA 2020

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In Conversation with Rimini Protokoll

Event is cancelled

  • 24 May 2020
    Sun, 2.30pm
  • Blue Room, Festival House
  • Free

  • 1h, no intermission

    Patrons are advised to be seated 15 minutes before the programme begins.

    Unclaimed seats may be given to walk-in patrons.

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In Conversation with Rimini Protokoll

Berlin-based Rimini Protokoll are recognised as being among the leaders and creators of the movement known as “Reality Theatre”, often transposing rooms or social structures into theatrical formats and always with non-actors in the center of their work – everyday people whom Rimini Protokoll call experts. With “100% City” this modus operandi is applied to a city’s statistics and its people, resulting in an ever-evolving, always re-contextualising transnational project that celebrates the community and the coexistence of difference. 

Join Daniel Wetzel, core member of the Rimini Protokoll collective and director of the “100% City” series, and learn about the 100% City project, the approach of working with non-actors – the “experts of everyday life” – to create new perspectives on reality, as well as the achievements, tensions and complexities associated with it. 

Rimini Protokoll (Germany & Singapore)

Daily tous les jour (Canada)
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