SIFA 2020

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Isabella (2020)

Matías Piñeiro (Argentina & France)


  • Theatrical screening:
    27 Sep 2020, Sun, 4pm
    03 Oct 2020, Sat, 4pm

    05 – 11 Oct 2020
  • Oldham Theatre
  • $12 / $8 (VOD)
    Standard Price
    $12 / $8 (VOD)
    Bundle of 2
    $20 / $14 (VOD)

    Tickets on sale 17 Aug 2020, Mon.

    Theatrical screenings:
    Bundle of 2 different films at $20*

    Video on Demand:
    Bundle of 2 different films at $14*

  • Language: Spanish


  • Rating: PG

    For corporate and group bookings for 25 tickets and more, please contact

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Isabella (2020)

Matías Piñeiro (Argentina & France)

Mariel is an actress from Buenos Aires who tries to win, over the course of two years of auditions, the role of Isabella, the heroine of the comedy Measure for Measure. On a road bordered by frustration and the idea of success, Mariel finds Luciana again and again, an old theater companion who acts as a kind of brilliant shadow, a destiny she cannot avoid, that illuminates and bewitches her at the same time. Isabella unfolds like a jigsaw puzzle of the difficulty of precisely defining the color of our desires. It is the fifth installment in the Las shakespeareadas series, which narrates contemporary fictions about the women roles in the comedies of William Shakespeare.

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