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Masterclass by Ousmane Sy

Event is cancelled

  • 24 May 2020
    Sun, 11am
  • Dance Studio H102 / LASALLE College of the Arts
  • $20*

     *Only shortlisted applicants will be informed via email within 5 working days to purchase tickets.

  • 1h 30m

    Please complete the  registration form.

    Please dress comfortably for the masterclass. 

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Masterclass by Ousmane Sy

French choreographer and house dance extraordinaire Ousmane Sy’s artistic origins began with house dance, before gradually turning to the hybrid histories and African lineages of “Afro House Spirit,” a contemporary dance style marked by the heritage of traditional African and Caribbean dances. 

With one foot in the club and the other in battle, Sy’s diverse influences include the corps de ballet, the freestyle spirit of hip-hop and the tactical steps of eleven-member sport teams.  Step-overs, lunges between the dance floor and the stage, and the irrepressible desire to overcome oneself through the group are signatures of his choreographic language.  

In this workshop, join the charismatic choreographer as he invites you to discover the gestures of house dance and its numerous influences, its connections to hip-hop,  traditional  African dances, afro beats and afro house music. 

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