Mystery Magnet

Miet Warlop/Campo

Event has ended

  • 14, 15, 16 August
  • SOTA Studio Theatre
  • $35

    10% discount for students, NSFs and seniors aged 55 and above


Mystery Magnet

Miet Warlop/Campo

A giddying romp into the surrealist mind of Belgian artist Miet Warlop, Mystery Magnet assembles a neon-coloured cast, drawing you into its bizarre bubblegum world.

Mystery Magnet presents a hallucinatory, wordless universe, in which theatre, visual and performance art are blended to extraordinary effect. Warlop unleashes her artistic imagination and unique sense of fun into this inventive and riotous production.

In fluid sequences, a procession of free-wheeling images fill the stage. Seemingly unconnected figures, sculptures and objects frolic against a psychedelic backdrop. Bubbling beneath its absurd, sugar-coated surface, Mystery Magnet sketches out a haunted world where humour is born from sadness and magic from the prosaic.

Full of possibility and surprise, this Campo production shows us why Warlop’s unique cross-breed of visual art and theatre is attracting a growing international following.

A startling break from LEGACY, Mystery Magnet tears away from all classical frames and offers a hint at a POST-EMPIRE era, the guiding theme for SIFA 2015.

Miet Warlop
Miet Warlop is a visual artist who comes from the world of theatre. Her work blends disciplines, including animated sculptures, tableaux vivants and performative actions, which she assembles them into unusual forms that investigate the device and dramaturgy of theatre.