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In Conversation: OIWA - Rites, Rituals and Rumours

The Finger Players (Singapore)

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  • 10 Dec 2020
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In Conversation: OIWA - Rites, Rituals and Rumours

The Finger Players (Singapore)

There are endless rumours surrounding the creation / adaptation / re-adaptation of this landmark work. In this panel discussion, we will be inviting an eclectic crew of individuals who are knee deep in the rites, rituals and rumours surrounding the world of Lady Oiwa. 

Kenro UEMATSU [Priest at Youunji Temple]

The fifth-generation head priest of Choushouzan, Oiwainari, Youunji

He was born in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, and studied in New Zealand while a student of the Faculty of Buddhist Studies at Rissho University. He experienced life as a backpacker hitchhiking across New Zealand and Australia. Upon returning to Japan and graduating from university, he became a priest after undergoing priesthood training and Shingyo Dojo. In 2002 and 2004, he challenged and successfully completed the ascetic training of the Nichiren sect, one of the world's three greatest courses of rigorous ascetic training. In 2017, he became the  fifth-generation head priest of Youunji Temple, and now continues his missionary work while staying close to visiting worshipers from around the world.

Chong Tze Chien [Playwright and Director]

Tze Chien is a core member of The Finger Players and an award winning playwright/director. For his contributions to Singapore Theatre, he was awarded the Young Artist Award by Singapore’s National Arts Council in 2006.

On the national level, Tze Chien was the Creative Director of Singapore Pools’ float and performance in Chingay 2007 and 2008, Co-conceptualist and Writer for NDP 2016, Creative Director of Island Adventures for National Museum of Singapore’s Children’s Season 2012, Artistic Director of The Arts House’s 10th Anniversary in 2014, and the Co-curator of The Studios: Fifty, a festival of 50 iconic Singapore Plays presented by the Esplanade in 2015.

As an arts educator, Tze Chien has been conducting workshops and masterclasses for tertiary institutions and schools in Singapore since 2001. He has taught in NUS, Lasalle College of the Arts and NTU/NIE to name a few. He was a Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation (Drama) Adjudicator for five years, and the Creative Director of SYF Concert 2019. He currently sits on the Curriculum Development Assessment Committee in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Ellison Tan Yuyang [Co-Artistic Director, The Finger Players]

Ellison Tan Yuyang graduated from the National University of Singapore with a major in Theatre Studies. She has trained with ECNAD, Cake Theatrical Productions, The Finger Players and Nine Years Theatre. She is an actor, writer and theatre-maker.

Notable performances include: I Am Trying To Say Something True ( Esplanade Studios), Art Studio (Nine Years Theatre), Café (Twenty-something Theatre Festival), Manifesto (The Necessary Stage and Drama Box), Off Centre (The Finger Players (2015) and The Necessary Stage(2019)), and Temple Reconstructed (Cake Theatrical Productions). Playwriting works include: We Were So Hopeful Then (The Necessary Stage’s The Orange Production), The Dragon’s Dentist (Esplanade’s PLAYtime!) and Inheritance (The Finger Players).

In 2015, Ellison was accepted into the Next Generation Program in Tokyo, a three-year program that aims to grow emerging artists specifically in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences. She is the co-founder of The Wanderlings – the collective that created Singapore’s first baby theatre production.


Yume Morimoto [Interpreter, Writer and Researcher]

Graduate student of Media and Language Analysis, currently  based in Tokyo (She/Her). Translator and interpreter, focusing on artistic practices. She spends her time researching, reflecting, writing, & exploring gender through activism, academia, and art. Editor in Chief of queer, intersectional feminist, bilingual zine B.G.U.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Finger Players (Singapore)

The Finger Players (Singapore)
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