Peter Pan

Berliner Ensemble/Robert Wilson/CocoRosie

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  • 11, 12, 13 September
  • Drama Centre
  • $120, $100, $80, $60, $40

    10% discount for students, NSFs and seniors aged 55 and above


Peter Pan

Berliner Ensemble/Robert Wilson/CocoRosie

From master director Robert Wilson comes a deliciously surreal revisiting of this children’s classic, joined by American music duo CocoRosie and the stellar Berliner Ensemble.

Wilson’s Peter Pan plumbs the emotional depths of JM Barrie’s beloved classic in a unique bilingual English-German production.

Gone is the wide-eyed wonder boy and the dream of eternal innocence. On a lavish stageof wistful clouds and enchanting images, Peter, now clad in black leather jacket, appears gaunt, haunting, yet always exuberant.

In hypnotic scenes, a mother endures the pain of losing her children; the Lost Boys perform songs of missing mothers; violence is unleashed on innocents by Hook and his pirates; Tinkerbell’s unrequited love for Peter electrifies. The actors of the Berliner Ensemble take an obvious pleasure in inhabiting Neverland, surprising us with their versatility and innovation.

A contemporary magician of stage beauty, Wilson surprises with his arresting blend of musicality, choreography, imagery and storytelling in Peter Pan, transforming the theatre into his landmark fantastical world.

With irrepressible musicians performing a soundtrack by the CocoRosie sisters, Peter Pan will delight and intrigue as it descends into the underworld of this childhood fairy tale.

Fresh from its 2013 premiere in Berlin and Paris, Peter Pan performed by one of the greatest German theatre companies is set to dazzle us in its first outing to Asia!

Performed in English and German with English surtitles.

Berliner Ensemble
Founded by playwright Bertolt Brecht in 1949, the Berliner Ensemble continues to surprise audiences with its inventive restlessness.

Robert Wilson
Once perceived to be avant-garde, acclaimed director and playwright Robert Wilson is today considered a classic.

An American musical group formed in 2003 by sisters Bianca "Coco" and Sierra "Rosie" Casady, CocoRosie’s music has described as ‘freak folk’ with elements of pop, opera, electronic and hip hop. Apart from creating music for themselves, CocoRosie has also scored for film and stage.