SIFA 2020

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Queen Blood

Paradox-Sal (France)

Event is cancelled

  • 23 & 24 May 2020
    Sat & Sun, 8pm
  • SOTA Studio Theatre
  • $38*
    Standard Price

    *Limited concessions available for students, NSFs and seniors

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Queen Blood

Paradox-Sal (France)

Playfully brash and in-your-face, Queen Blood’s exploration of femininity showcases sharp house dance moves and a charismatic female squad.

With Queen Blood, French choreographer Ousmane Sy delivers a dance act every bit as energetic and entertaining as his earlier work, Fighting Spirit.

Steeped in a hybrid milieu of Afro house rhythms, hip hop, and dance battle, Sy’s choreographic ethos mirrors both the freewheeling spirit of hip hop and the disciplined rigour of a corps de ballet.

Headlining Queen Blood is Paradox-Sal, a seven-piece female power squad who have spent years training in house dance with Sy. The result of this long-time collaboration is a stunningly eloquent vocabulary – shining through the group’s technical mastery and confident performance.

From the struggle to achieve recognition from their peers in Fighting Spirit, Queen Blood continues to explore the journey of womanhood from intimacy to emancipation. Each dancer reveals their singularly unique expression of femininity, nurtured by their personal experiences, cultural and artistic background.

Brimming with attitude, Queen Blood will fascinate you with its indomitable love of dance and fearless expression of what it means to be a woman today.

Photo by Timothée Lejolivet


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