The Chorus; Oedipus

Directed by Seo Jae-Hyung

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  • 21, 22, 23 August
  • Victoria Theatre
  • $45

    10% discount for students, NSFs and seniors aged 55 and above

  • Script and Lyrics by Han Areum
    Composed by Choe Uzong


The Chorus; Oedipus

Directed by Seo Jae-Hyung

In this highly original adaptation of Sophocles’ classic Oedipus Rex, The Chorus; Oedipus presents a riveting mix of music, dance and drama, reinventing this gripping Greek tragedy into a sensational musical.

The Chorus; Oedipus takes its name from the Greek chorus, one of the key features of ancient Greek theatre, where a group of performers offer song, dance and commentary on the drama. Korean director Seo Jae-Hyung catapults the chorus to the fore in The Chorus; Oedipus drawing from the razzmatazz of Broadway musicals simply through the use of multiple pianos.

Written more than 2,500 years ago, the plot of The Chorus; Oedipus is the stuff of myth itself. Oedipus, the reigning young King of Thebes, vows to find the murderer of his predecessor King Laius. Oedipus has since married Laius’ former queen, Jocasta and fathered several children. But there is now a fatal plague in the city – the gods are displeased. Even as Jocasta pleads with Oedipus to leave the past alone, he insists. There is no escaping destiny, and catastrophe unfolds.

Seamlessly weaving a minimalist set with the musical compositions of Choe Uzong and the poetic lyrics of playwright Han Areum, The Chorus; Oedipus is testament to a growing movement in Korea which infuses Greek classical texts with contemporary elements.

First produced by LG Arts Center and the theatre company, Juk-Dal, The Chorus; Oedipus was performed to sellout crowds in Seoul. It is set to thrill audiences here with its raw energy and powerful K-pop inspired performances.

Performed in Korean with English surtitles.

Seo Jae Hyung

The artistic director of theatre at Hanguk (Korea) Performing Arts Center, Seo Jae-Hyung has developed his own style of theatre with its own experimental language.

Han Areum

Han Areum is regarding as one of the most versatile playwrights in Korea's young theatre generation.

Choe Uzong

Choe Uzong's diverse work encompass a wide range of musical styles and reflect his research in European polyphony, Korean traditional music and music-theatre.