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SIFA X : there is no future in nostalgia



Theatre2023New Writing

SIFA X : there is no future in nostalgia

Presented by Centre 42 in collaboration with Singapore International Festival of Arts

20, 21, 27 & 28 May, Sat & Sun, 3pm & 8pm
Centre 42

The Vault: Past Perfect: $25/show
Studio A & B: $25/show
Headline Acts 1 & 2: Give-What-You-Can

Centre 42 presents a collection of new performances devised by its resident artists and invited guests. Titled “there is no future in nostalgia,” after Arthur Yap's iconic poem about the fatigue of urban renewal, we invite artists to consider the tensions between new and old, the technocratic and the civic—and consider how they come to bear on the art of theatre-making.

SIFA X: there is no future in nostalgia comprises: The Vault: Past Perfect, with pieces drawn from practitioners' memories of theatre in the 90s; Studio, a series of staged readings of new short works by our resident playwrights; and Headline Acts, an open-format evening where writers present short dramatic pieces in response to archival headlines.


Do note that the Black Box venue is located on Level 2, and is only accessible by stairs.

For your reading pleasure:

Life Profusion: prompt: Play

Adeeb Fazah speaks to Centre 42’s Robin Loon and Casey Lim about how the golden age of 1990s Singapore theatre can inform future evolutions. Click here to read article.

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Casey Lim | Artist at The Vault
Lim Shi An | Artist at The Vault
Nelson Chia | Artist at The Vault
Oniatta Effendi | Artist at The Vault
Robin Loon | Artist at The Vault
Serene Chen | Artist at The Vault
Tan Kheng Hua | Artist at The Vault
Ahmad Musta’ain | Artist at Studio
A Yagyna | Artist at Studio
Danial Matin | Artist at Studio
Joel Tan | Artist at Studio
Rachel Chin | Artist at Studio
Sindhura Kalidas | Artist at Studio
Kay Lynn Er | Writer for Headline Acts
Wisely Chow | Writer for Headline Acts
Ivan Choong | Writer for Headline Acts
Melizarani T. Selva | Writer for Headline Acts
Irsyad Dawood | Writer for Headline Acts
Isaac Lim | Writer for Headline Acts


1h 30m, no intermission

The Vault: Future Perfect - Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content)
​Studio A - Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)
​​Studio B -  Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content)
​Headline Acts 1 - Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)​
​Headline Acts 2 - Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)
Performed in English
2 & 3 Jun, Fri & Sat, 8pm | 4 Jun, Sun, 3pm
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