About Artist


Adrian Jo Milang is a 25-year-old Kayan from Tubau, Sarawak. He is currently one of the youngest and most celebrated practitioners of Parap and Takna’, two oral traditions of the Kayan communities in Borneo.  

Growing up around a Kayan village, he spent years of his youth immersing in the culture and learning, studying and practicing of the poetic songs, Parap and Takna’ with the guidance of his grandmother and elders. Milang is also a Community Manager at The Tuyang Initiative, working closely with cultural practitioners from various Borneo indigenous communities to help them see the magic in their practice.  

Milang’s performance of the Parap was featured in musical theater Kelunan, Song to the Earth featuring Kayan Parap, the Asian Indigenous Youth Platform’s event and many other local and international events. 

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