Chong Gua Khee

About Artist


Chong Gua Khee is nourished and energised by bodies connecting with each other, be they human bodies, plants, animals or objects. Hence, across her work, she seeks to create and hold intimate, playful and porous spaces for bodily encounters and connections to happen. This sometimes manifests as Chong creating or directing performances, and at other times manifests as her dramaturging or facilitating.

Chong graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada, with a Psychology (Honours) and Theatre (Major) degree, and then joined Drama Box as a full-time staff. In 2016, she left to develop her own practice, but continues to work regularly with the company. Chong co-founded the loose working group CITRUS practices in 2021, and is also currently its co-coordinator. Other recent projects include co-curating new residency platform Arts-Business x Business-Arts (ABxBA) Residencies, co-editing the e-zine series Re/View by Asian Dramaturgs' Network, co-directing Tactility Studies: Hold to Reset at Singapore International Festival of Arts 2021 and directing HOT POT TALK: The Measure of a Meal.

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