In this post-apocalyptic story, a father raises his daughter in the new normal where clean air is scarce and real food is hard to come by.
A long-awaited performance by two of Singapore's pre-eminent arts companies, The Rhythm of Us is a transcendent evening of dance and music for these uncertain times.
A contemporary, public performance where the city takes centre stage, The Invisible Opera brings the world premiere of its first remote edition to SIFA 2021.
A Thousand Ways is an enthralling, imaginative, and profound social experience that delivers us from isolation to congregation.
Hop on a swing and make collective music in this refreshing urban installation by Canadian artists Daily tous les jours.
Explore the characters’ backstories in this virtual expansion of the _T0701_ universe.
My fellow brothers, I know it’s tough dealing with our wounded hearts, I can feel your exhaustion keeping up with expectations and the desire of letting your inner divine child out keeps whispering into your ears.
Delve into Singapore’s sound art scene with four of its cutting-edge artists Planeswalker, Zul Mahmod, weish of .
Let the waters stir your imagination in this embodied art-making session, as we wade through the tides in a multi-sensorial guided visualisation, and then play with patterns to create intuitive art.
Essential to healing is the ability to hold the possibility of change and transformation.
How can we trust?
Introduction  When you’re stuck in a dream that seems larger than life, blurring the boundaries between imagination and your existence, what do you do?
4K RESTORED VERSION Based on the book by László Krasznahorkai, Sátántangó  follows members of a small, defunct agricultural collective living in a post-apocalyptic landscape after the fall of Communism who, on the heels of a large financial windfall, set out to leave their village.
From Mee to You is a culinary delight and exercise that reminds us of the beauty in the simple act of assembling a meal and the enjoyment of eating traditional food.
With an innovative ensemble of puppeteers and actors, this age-old Japanese ghost story of betrayal and revenge is magically reinvented by Singapore’s The Finger Players.
Have you ever had an experience in which you obeyed but wanted to disobey?
The Anywhere of Everything, No Matter the Time ​(work in progress showcase)  By Dalija Acin Thelander ​  In this dynamic colourful landscape, come explore and discover a new form of being-in-the-world!
In this dynamic colourful landscape, come explore and discover a new form of being-in-the-world!
Blurring the lines between the real and the virtual, this stylish, futuristic trip into the everyday struggles of a PMD delivery rider is a multi-sensory treat.
When we talk about “J-horror” the first image that comes to mind is probably that of a woman with long black hair in a white long dress lurking behind unsuspected people and scaring them to death.
Our collective battle over the past year has led many of us on a journey of reflection, realisation and even inspiration.
Fifteen young dancers of different origins and horizons are on tour with ‘Crowd’, Gisèle Vienne’s epic dance piece exploring the 90’s rave scene.
How is the impossibility of gathering in these exceptional times made manifest through the attempt of executing a simple act, the sharing of a meal?
In this contemporary concert, Echoes of Fire and Water explores our tenuous relationship with nature, the eternal cycle of destruction and renewal and our ultimate responsibility to sustain the planet for future generations.
Neighbors, youngsters, and unemployed workers chat inside a bar between cigarettes, breakfasts, and snacks.
Something has gone wrong for a typical Singaporean family.
Lockdowns around the world have left many feeling isolated – the desire for human connection has become a greater need than ever.
Nature of Daylight takes flight from Max Richter’s beautiful meditation on war as a starting point to explore music that moves us and deepens our connection to the soulfulness of the world.
Conceptualised around the commemoration of loss - of innocence, of friendships, of hope - Before Life and After is a concert that responds to a world irrevocably changed.
Experiential cinema in its purest form, GUNDA chronicles the unfiltered lives of a mother pig, a flock of chickens, and a herd of cows with masterful intimacy.
A dancer stops speaking to be a "voice" for silent people.
Theatre, burlesque, detective, sitcom, cineme: There Are No False Undertakings mixes humor that is both subtle and crass in a climate where reality is constantly contaminated by fiction.
The award-winning ensembles of Singapore’s Nine Years Theatre and the SITI Company from New York join hands to present this hybrid retelling of Anton Chekhov’s classic play Three Sisters.
Moving from the frozen landscapes of the Jura mountains to the urban centres of Port-au-Prince, Ouvertures  brings the Haitian revolutionary Toussaint Louverture back to life.
A woman in New York and her abandoned daughter in Singapore, both grappling with depression and existentialism, pursue a change in their lives in order to overcome thoughts of suicide.
The festival catches up with Brandon Tay, NADA and The Observatory, ahead of the premiere of their works - Demon States and _T0701_  in SIFA 2021.
Every day, we are inundated with the dire consequences of the climate emergency.
Life brings trials and painful challenges that can profoundly shape who we become.
Taking inspiration from periods of great upheaval – specifically the two World Wars – The Consoler features two remarkable piano quintets written in early part of the 20th century.
In this one-on-one performance, experience an intimate, moving encounter with a refugee, re-imagined for the online space.
In this panel discussion, artists featured in the Compassion chamber music series discuss what it means to make music that responds to the fears and anxieties of the present.
Healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, and growth.
In the shadows of the bright lights of Las Vegas, it's the last call for a  beloved dive bar known as the Roaring 20s.
The Human Voice Synopsis A woman watches time passing next to the suitcases of her ex-lover (who is supposed to come pick them up, but never arrives) and a restless dog who doesn’t understand that his master has abandoned him.
When a family becomes concerned about their mother’s well-being in a retirement home, private investigator Romulo hires Sergio, an 83year-old man who becomes a new resident–and a mole inside the home, who struggles to balance his assignment with becoming increasingly involved in the lives of several residents.
From the hands of extraordinary illusionist and mentalist, Scott Silven, comes this stunning, interactive performance, equal parts magical mystery and an ode to the hidden connections between us.
​​Demon States is an immersive mixed reality experience premiering new material from the forthcoming album by The Observatory & Koichi Shimizu, with virtual landscapes by Brandon Tay, and physical environments by Irfan Kasban.
“Even the dead will not be safe from the enemy if he wins.
This dance video installation invites you to step into surreal landscapes blending the natural and the human-made.
From leading contemporary dance group Cie Gilles Jobin, Cosmogony probes the possibilities of dance for the digital stage, in this large-scale real-time performance.
Dancing Landscapes is an embodied exploration with guided facilitation by movement artist, Chloe Chotrani and a space to let your body speak before your mind.
In the workshops, Gua Khee and Bernice will introduce some of the concepts and exercises they have developed over the years of working on Tactility Studies projects, which invite play but also care for our own bodies.
When was the last time you felt safe and free in your own body?
Based on the 1990 experimental novel by Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto, Lisa Spilliaert's feature debut NP is a silent film translation of the text into a cinematic scenario.
Bach once declared that the aim of music was the refreshment of the soul.
What does the work of a critic look like as performances and festivals are reimagined for the future?
Landscapes of Resistance traces a journey through the memories of antifascist fighter Sonja (97), one of the first female partisans in Yugoslavia, who was also one of the leaders of the Resistance movement at Auschwitz.
Eight concerts.
Have you ever felt there was a moment when you failed to take a risk?
What feels like an ordinary weekend outing, paying a visit to grandpa, a young couple gets into a heated argument exposing their resentments, past lies, an old lover, a missed birthday, a possible divorce and a death.
A sharp satire on theatre-making in a pandemic and an irreverent look at the unlikely collaboration of three wildly different Singaporean artistic directors, The Commission is the entertaining live sequel to the circuit-breaking short film, The Pitch.
The sound of the singing bowls has unique qualities that bring our minds to a state of relaxation similar to meditation.
Nightcap @ 9  It's the festival podcast no one asked for!
What does it mean to care?
 During an Impossible Conversation you enter into conversation with each other based on personal experiences related to a challenging topic.
What does it mean to be connected in these times?
Dance Trail is an augmented reality app that invites you to a self-guided augmented dance journey.
Celebrating the life and legacy of local jazz icon Louis Soliano, musical guests from Singapore's jazz community come together to perform a song for Louis in this heart-warming concert.
When was the last time you felt safe and free in your own body?
Toolkits for Climate Change focuses on the role art can play in facilitating conversations and dialogues for climate advocacy.
Sunset Sessions Sunset Sessions is an easy-listening podcast series brought to you by MAMA MAGNET in collaboration with SIFA.
When was the last time you felt safe and free in your own body?
See Singapore as if for the first time – in this unique pedestrian-based live art event.
Singular Screens  Curated by Asian Film Archive  Curated by the Asian Film Archive (AFA) for the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2021 (SIFA), Singular Screens celebrates diverse, independent and singular visions from Singapore and around the world.
Sunset Sessions is an easy-listening podcast series brought to you by MAMA MAGNET in collaboration with SIFA.
A Thousand Ways is an enthralling, imaginative, and profound social experience that delivers us from isolation to congregation.
Take a siesta, hop on a swing and make collective music in this refreshing urban installation by Canadian artists Daily tous les jours.