Discover fascinating insights into traditional Japanese onnagata with kabuki actor Kazutaro Nakamura who performs as Richard III in Sandaime Richard.
Join International Institute of Political Murder's (IIPM) dramaturg, Stefan Bläske as he traces the arc of Swiss theatre and film director Milo Rau.
Join the world-renowned London-based architect, artist and designer for an enlightening session about art in public spaces.
"The social function of this complex, non-profit exchange is that it strengthens the social ties… Relations are free of domination… Kula therefore has a community-generating meaning.
The Moscow Trials Concept and Direction: Milo Rau / 86 min / 2014 / Germany / In Russian with English subtitles / Rating TBC followed by Hate Radio Script and Direction: Milo Rau / 55 min / 2014 / Switzerland / In German, Kinyarwanda and French with English subtitles / Rating TBCA Production of Milo Rau / IIPM – International Institute of Political MurderIn cooperation with Schweizer Fernsehen and 3Sat.
As part of this durational performance, Chong, the man will be hosting audio and video live streams.
Hailed as one of Singapore’s most talented contemporary artists today, film director and performance-maker Brian Gothong Tan has created ingenious, cutting-edge work in visually stunning spectacles such as the National Day Parade, Youth Olympic Games and SEA Games 2015.
Swiss director Milo Rau, one of the most brilliant and sought-after directors of European documentary theatre today, makes his Asian premiere in Singapore withFive Easy Pieces, an emotionally powerful drama performed by children for an adult audience.
Who am I?
Although he began painting as early as the 1980s, dancer, choreographer and environmental activist Sardono Kusumo committed himself fully to the craft only in the early 2000s.
The Sardono Retrospective is a major showcase of this pioneering master performing artist from Southeast Asia.
The world’s premier pipa virtuoso and Grammy Award-nominated musician Wu Man leads a new concert exploring the rich musical traditions of China and Central Asia, created specifically for Singapore.
In a rare move, internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Bill T.
Bill T.
Designer extraordinaire Ron Arad presents 720°, a monumental outdoor video installation that will wow you with its immense size and creativity.
Choreographer Trajal Harrell has embarked on the long-term research and production of dance pieces related to the work of the late butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata.
Hailed as one of his generation’s most prominent choreographers and dancers, Trajal Harrell makes his Asian debut with two hauntingly mesmerising performances, In The Mood For Frankie and The Return Of La Argentina.
Huang Ruo and Jennifer Wen Ma’s Paradise Interrupted, an arresting new music theatre blending traditional classical Chinese idioms from the Ming Dynasty and contemporary music, is sensually set against a beautiful garden inspired by origami and calligraphy.
Dimitris Papaioannou, the creator of the Athens 2004 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies and the first European Games 2015 opening ceremony, explores apocalyptic beauty in his inimitable passionate hybrid of visual physical theatre and performance art.
Spontaneous and fiery.
“Hitam kulit, keriting rambut.
Celebrated Argentine artist Fernando Rubio is a dramatist and a visual artist whose works have been staged across Europe, South America and the United States.
In this witty satire of power, Shakespeare is put on trial for falsifying history and defaming Richard Sandaime, the Grand Master of Ikebana.
Through its darkly comedic take on the life of a typical affluent family, The Last Supper highlights the inescapable emptiness that casts its shadow over the illusion of plenty and the hollow exchanges that masquerade as human connection.
Hamlet | Collage is the first Russian production by legendary Canadian stage director Robert Lepage.