CREATION is a platform for SIFA’s prime offerings encompassing new commissions, fresh iterations of works and the presentation of outstanding works from around the world to capture the imagination and inspire.

A magnificent performance evoking the sublime rituals of Southeast Asia and its native people.

20 – 22 May, Fri – Sun, 8pm
Ceremonial Enactments

Three Singaporean companies imagine a resplendent tapestry of local customary rituals.

21 – 22 May, Sat – Sun, 7.30pm
Holly Herndon: PROTO

One of the most intelligent, disruptive musical voices of our age, experimental musician Holly Herndon dazzles in her first concert in Asia at SIFA 2022.

20 – 21 May, Fri – Sat, 8pm

Join an immersive walking tour uncovering the stories and sites of Pulau Ubin.

25 – 29 May, Wed – Sun, 6.15pm | 1 – 5 Jun, Wed – Sun, 6.15pm
Remotes x Quantum

A gripping multi-disciplinary work reimagining life in Singapore and the Philippines on the brink of a dystopian world order.

25 – 27 May, Wed – Fri, 8pm | 28 – 29 May, Sat – Sun, 4pm & 8pm
The Neon Hieroglyph

Take a trip into the unconventional mind of Turner Prize award-winning artist, Tai Shani, in this filmic performance.

27 – 29 May, Fri – Sun, 8pm
project SALOME

An arresting evocation of the enigmatic character Salome from Oscar Wilde's renowned play.

27 May, Fri, 8pm | 28 May, Sat, 2pm & 8pm
Bangsawan Gemala Malam

This original remake of Midsummer Night’s Dream is inspired by the splendour of Bangsawan opera and Nusantara

2 – 4 Jun, Thu - Fri, 8pm | Sat, 2pm & 8pm
Devil’s Cherry

A fantastical tale of two lost Singapore souls who cross the Devil's path in Australia.

3 – 5 Jun, Fri – Sun, 7.30pm
The Once and Future

Experience a coming together of film, laser display and live musical performance in The Once and Future.

3 Jun, Fri, 8pm | 4 Jun, Sat, 2pm & 8pm | 5 Jun, Sun, 2pm
Emptiness – An exhibition by Sean Lee

In tandem with SIFA 2022's opening performance, MEPAAN, acclaimed Singaporean photographer Sean Lee showcases a selection of his works depicting a kaleidoscopic universe of flora and fauna.

20 May – 5 Jun, 10am – 7pm daily