Festival Commission



by Jean Ng (SG), Li Xie (SG) and Joavien Ng (SG)

30 May – 4 Jun
Tue – Sun, 7pm
Stamford Arts Centre


Message from Chairman


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2023. A festival is a space where some people gather to immerse and engage in works of creativity and imagination. It is in this spirit that SIFA 2023 presents a range of works that compel us to contemplate our diversity and uniqueness as people existing in common spaces together.

Wilson Tan



This edition’s title SIFA 2023 The Anatomy of Performance: Some People engages with the idea that the human experience exists on a spectrum. We are the sum of all the narratives that chapter and alter our lives; each trial and transformation, what our ancestors and communities have had to struggle through, our experiences as children and adults, things inherited and circumstances imposed on our lives shape how we move through life and experience the world.
Natalie Hennedige



The School has been a project more than two years in the making, and unmaking. Much has changed, and stayed the same.

When we first started writing and creating this work, there were many worlds, spaces, lessons, narratives, characters and their back-stories created to be brought into this “school”, most of which eventually were edited out, and the work pared back to what felt most necessary in this version of The School presented at SIFA 2023. Every night, each participant brings with them into The School their own ideas, lived experiences, back-stories, expectations, and desires in the space. The facilitators, referred to as “Prefects”, remain otherwise themselves, and bring their own ideas, lived experiences, back-stories, expectations, and desires into the space. The world of The School depends on who shows up, and how much they can or want to or do show up. There is no major role-play, no hidden storyline, no scripted conflict or plot twist that lies await, no gamemaster or secret levels to unlock, no big reveal, nor final conclusion. And yet, so much happens, is happening – inside, outside, and between ourselves – and might continue to happen well after the prefects declare, “School is dismissed.”

In the end, what we have is what we give and are given, what we have lived, our minds, and our selves. Every day we still are in school, learning, relearning, unlearning. And we will never really graduate.

Thank you to The School’s creative and production teams for patiently walking this journey, and to the SIFA and the Stamford Arts Centre teams – especially Natalie, Junmin, Cristabel, Racel, Rina, Kumar, Eliz, Kimberly, Emma, Vaishnavi, and Rabia – for all the support and help making this possible. Thank you also to our friends and those who have supported this production in all sorts of ways, including Drama Box, The Props Collective, P7:1SMA, Ctrl Fre@k, and all of our test audience members who graciously and generously offered their time, energy, and feedback to help us develop and clarify the work during our trial runs these past few months.

Jean Ng
Writer and Director
Li Xie
Joavien Ng
Jean Ng
Writer and Director
Li Xie
Joavien Ng



Writer & Director:
Jean Ng
Li Xie
Joavien Ng
Mok Cui Yin
SIFA Producer:
Ye Junmin
Facilitators (“Prefects”):
Ang Hui Bin
Renee Chua
Kok Heng Leun
Li Xie
Rosemary McGowan
Jean Ng
Joavien Ng
Spatial Designer:
Bernice Ong
Sound Designer:
Lee Yew Jin (Ctrl Fre@k)
Lighting Designer:
Genevieve Peck
Costumes Designer:
Max Tan
Key Visual Design:
Ric Liu
Production Manager:
Lam Dan Fong (The Backstage Affair)
Technical Manager:
Ian Lee
Stage Manager:
Marilyn Chew
Deputy Stage Manager:
Tennie Su
Assistant Stage Manager:
Marilyn Ang
Props Master:
Azy Alias
Lai Jingwen
Darren Lee
Mo Fengling Yvonne (Noven)
Muhammad Muzzamer bin Abu Bakar (Zam)
Nur Aliff bin Osman (Alif)
Thaneswaran s/o Elangovan (Nesh)
Jace Yap
Wardrobe Coordinator:
Theresa Chan
Wardrobe Assistants:
Nithya Valliammai d/o Nachiappan
Harini d/o Sundaraja
Supported by, and with thanks to:
Drama Box; The Props Collective; P7:1SMA; Ctrl Fre@k; play-testers and participant-facilitators (Niklaus, Hui Ting, Ci Xian, and Jiaoyang) who helped to shape and stretch the work; and all our trial run as well as show audiences who have offered their time, energies, and feedback with us  to help us develop and clarify the piece, or to raise critical questions and concerns

After School
In The School, each participant’s journey may be slightly different, and we acknowledge that some difficult or complex memories, thoughts, and feelings might come up during the course of the show for you.

If you need and would like to reach out to someone, here are some organisations with helplines and resources:

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
24-hour hotline: 1-767

Silver Ribbon (Singapore)

Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

Oogachaga Counselling Services

Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)
Women’s Helpline: 1800-777-5555



Jean Ng
Writer and Director
Jean Ng is a graduate of the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre in Paris, France. For three decades...

Li Xie
Li Xie is a theatre practitioner and mask maker. She performs, writes, and directs, and has taught acting/movement...

Joavien Ng
Joavien graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. Her works have since been presented...

Ang Hui Bin
Hui Bin graduated from the National University of Singapore's Theatre Studies Program...

Renee Chua
Renee Chua is a theatre-maker and applied theatre practitioner. She is passionate about...

Rosemary Mcgowan
Rosie uses drama and theatre to explore potentially difficult and sensitive themes. She has a masters...

Mok Cui Yin
Cui is an in(ter)dependent producer, interested in the intersections between art, anthropology...

Lee Yew Jin
Sound Designer
Lee Yew Jin is a sound designer & sound operator from Singapore working in association with the CtrlFre@k Banner...

Bernice Ong
Spatial Designer
Bernice Ong is a scenic designer and artist working across the visual and performing arts...

Kok Heng Leun
Kok Heng Leun, Artist and founder of Drama Box, has directed over 80 plays, including Kuo Pao Kun's Spirit Play...

Genevieve Peck
Lighting Designer
Genevieve graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London with a...

Max Tan
Costumes Designer
Max started his eponymous label MAX.TAN upon his breakout collection at the Singapore Fashion Designers Contest...

Lam Dan Fong
Production Manager
Dan Fong is the co-founder of The Backstage Affair, a backstage management company that believes...

Marilyn Chew
Stage Manager
Marilyn is a freelance production and stage manager for theatre. She enjoys projects with social causes...


About SIFA

As Singapore's annual pinnacle performing arts festival, the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) presents captivating and diverse works across theatre, music, dance, film and visual arts. First launched as the Singapore Festival of Arts in 1977, the festival has gone through several evolutions and inspired generations of arts lovers and practitioners. Today, the highly anticipated festival is a high point on Singapore's arts and cultural calendar. SIFA continues its festival mission to champion the creation and presentation of Singaporean and international works.

About Arts House Limited

Arts House Limited (AHL) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to enriching lives through the arts.

AHL manages six arts spaces that aim to support our arts sector and bring communities together. These include two national monuments - The Arts House, multidisciplinary arts centre, and Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall, a heritage building that is home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

It also runs the performing arts space Drama Centre as well as three enclaves for arts groups and creative businesses - the Goodman Arts Centre, Aliwal Arts Centre and Stamford Arts Centre. It is the cultural place manager of Singapore's Civic District.

AHL organises two national pinnacle festivals – the Singapore International Festival of Arts focused on the performing arts, and the Singapore Writers Festival - a multi-lingual festival presenting the world's leading literary talents. In addition, it manages Our Cultural Medallion Story – the showcase on Singapore's Cultural Medallion recipients at The Arts House.

Arts House Limited is a public company limited by guarantee under the National Arts Council. First set up as The Old Parliament House Limited in 2002, it was renamed Arts House Limited in 2014. For more information, visit

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As the world opens back up from the pandemic, SIFA 2023 presents works that compel you to rediscover what it means to be people today, in all our diversity and uniqueness, existing in common spaces together.

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SIFA Advisory Panel
Lynette Pang
Sushma Soma
Magdalene Ew
Nelson Chia
Norhaizad Adam
AHL Programming Committee
Adrian Tan
Zulkifli bin Mohamed Amin
Yasmin Hannah Ramle
Eugene Lim Yingjie
Kenneth Kwok
(Acting) Executive Director
Yeow Ju Li
Festival Director
Natalie Hennedige
Director, Venue Programmes / Covering Director, Programming and Producing  
Sim Wan Hui
Director, Marketing and Communications
Jasmine Gan
Director, Placemaking and Partnership Development
Lee Mun Ping
Director, Human Resource and IT
Isniati Ali
Director, Asset Management and Leasing
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Director, Finance
Wee Siok Hoong
Director, Corporate Facilities Management
Stephen Oh
Group Facilities Management
Security Manager
Shri Ram
Assistant Manager
Ahmad Adli
Senior Manager
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Assistant Manager
Amanda Koh
Senior Executive
Jill Lau
Chris Tay
Lyn Yeoh
Nurulhuda Najib
Siti Nur Jazeerah
Programming and Producing
Deputy Director, Festivals
Ye JunMin
Assistant Director
Lisa Marie Lip
Senior Producers
Christie Chua
Mervyn Quek
Fezhah Maznan
Ong Xinchen
Assistant Director
Geraldine Cheang
Production and Technical [SIFA]
Senior Manager, Production [Festival]
Victoria Lim
Festival Production Coordinator
Cristabel Ng
Festival Technical Manager
Festival Senior Production Assistant
Wee Nee
Festival Technical Coordinators
Melvin Lee
Executive, Administration [Technical Production]
Izyan Nooraini Binte Ramlee
Festival Production Managers
Celestine Wong
Melissa Chin
Marketing and Communications
Deputy Director
Elizabeth Wong
Assistant Director
Valerie Koh
Project Manager
Aimee Karman
Senior Executive
Megan Lee
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Senior Designer
Mohammad Firdaus Bin Wari
Festival Designer
Mylin Soh
Copywriter and Social Media Specialist
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Event Operations Management
Assistant Director
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Sandhya Silva
Vaishnavi Pumynathan
Artist Logistics and Hospitality 
Luc Toh
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Sarina Sahari
Placemaking and Partnership Development
Assistant Director
Emmanuel Paul Ng
Senior Executive
Michelle Choy
Production and Technical [Venue]
Assistant Director, Production and Technical
Mohamad Fazil Bin Sulaiman
Assistant Manager, Production and Technical (System Specialist)
Muhammad Hannan Bin Mohd Khusni
Assistant Managers, Production and Technical
Hisyamnudin Bin Shariffudin
Muhammad Asraf Bin Kadir Sharip
Production Co-ordinators, Production and Technical
Alexandra Chan
Haironissa Karim
Lee Kong Shen
Muhammad Noh Bin Sapari
Nur Hidayah Binte Esa
Riley Tan
Senior Technicians, Production and Technical
Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Rahman
Anwar Bin Razi
Joanne Ng
Muhammad Nurhaizad Bin Johari
Muhammad Ilyas Bin Anhar
Muhammad Isyaffi Bin Mohd Isah
Mohammad Razali Bin Abdul Rahman
Muhammad Ridzwan Bin Sekimin
Muhammad Sufian Bin Mohamed Ishak
Salim Bin Sairi
Asset Management and Leasing

Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall / The Arts House

Centre Manager
Sophie Sham

Senior Operations Support (Tech)
Asokkumar Kannan
Muhamad Asri Bin Abdul Rahman
Muhammad Zulhilmi Bin Abas
Sharohan Bin Othman
Syafiq Bin Mohamed Yatim

Senior Manager, Facilities Management 
Muhammad Farid Bin Abdul Rahim

Technicians, Facilities Management
Mohamed Adiyat
Mohammad Helmi Bin Sajat

Operations Executive (Tech)
Muhammad Sufri Bin Azman

Stamford Arts Centre

Centre Manager
Rina Chan

Senior Manager, Facilities Management
Cindy Liew

Racel Yee
Assistant Managers
Razak Bin Hussein
Human Resource
Senior Manager
Regina Hong
Senior Executives
Andrea Wong
Jeffrey Yeo
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