Seasonal digital capsules by art and music label SYNDICATE

SYNDICATE presents new works in an exploration of fresh collaborations, experiments and pollination between artists, designers and creatives of various disciplines. What are the forms and narratives of a performance, when the performer is removed from the traditional setting with a physical audience? Are there specific rituals that arise in the digital sphere? Explore a kaleidoscopic view of scenes that lie somewhere between utopia and dystopia.
The year is 3022, and Earth has become almost inhabitable. Globally, governmental systems have collapsed and nuclear wars have made the environment almost impossible for any form of nature to flourish without contamination. One amongst a handful of beings that elected to stay was ANKI, a future-human who has mastered the art of time travel via ancient meditative techniques. He seeks to view the sun’s last breath before it collapses upon itself, swallowing the Earth into its black void.  

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The adventurous themes in Kiat’s works are closely linked to the artist’s fascination with emotions and freedom.  Known for his compositions that veer towards the left-field boundaries of electronica, his tunes are sought after by international DJs, whilst receiving radio airplay on BBC Radio 1 and 1XTRA.  His creative approaches has led him to develop works crossing various mediums - from music for clubs, fashion films to site-specific art installations and theatrical productions.  His work has been featured by ArtScience Museum, Adidas, Dior, and SHOWstudio.

David Wexler (aka Looop fka Strangeloop) is a Los Angeles based digital artist and director. He has created visual show design for acts such as Flying Lotus, The Weeknd, Bonobo, Erykah Badu, The Glitch Mob, and Skrillex.  His work has been featured in the Amsterdam Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, and in the feature films Perfect and Kuso. He is also the co-founder of Strangeloop Studios, a visual content production company –  and Spirit Bomb, the world’s first virtual artist label.

Special thanks to Cherry Chan, Jason Tan, Nah Fam, Syndicate Fam, Natalie Hennedige, Mervyn Quek, Daddy Kev, Jake Jenkins, Indran Paramasivam, Isa Foong, Tonya Wexler, Jeff Wexler, Vanessa Wexler, Nick Maresh, Jake Bloch, Ian Simon, Aaron Lemke

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